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What I am about to share with you will change your Financial Future. Meaning, when you click/call to Schedule A Appointment, you will share in the REWARDS/PROFITS, from these Massive Growing Companies. Crypto Currency & Forex Will Make More Millionaires Than Any Other Opportunity.

Crypto Currency Will Make More Millionaires Than Any Other Opportunity.

A Program For Anyone To 4 Times Your Deposit $400 =$1,600 or $10,000 = $40,000.

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We at Genesis Team 1 pride ourselves on finding the Best Crypto Currency and Forex Profit Platforms for any Investment Level (Below Average Income to Wealthy Individuals).

What you put in comes back a minimum of 2x's

If you have at least $28, we can show you where to invest to Generate Life Changing Incomes.

It has been our mission to help people at No Cost for knowledge and understanding regarding Crypto and Forex Investing. We at Genesis Team 1, believe "You Het What You Want In Life By Helping Others Get What They Need". MONEY!!!

We will guide you ever step of the way

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None of the Opportunities we recommend will cost you more than $400 to start. 4 out of the 5 will cost you around $25 to $50. After that you just watch your profits GROW DAILY!

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As stated in the video:

  1. "H" pays .3% Daily $300 = $56,568 in 5 years
  2. "D" pays 1% daily $1,000 = $37,783 in 30 days
  3. "P" $28 Deposit pays $1.2 Million Dollars
  4. "V" $50 Deposit pays 2.5 Million Dollars
  5. "N" Pays 35 Daily Compounded $1 Million Dollars

Genesis Team 1 is a Christian Based Organization and believe that it is our responsibility to lead people as God Leads Us. So we will not put you on the wrong track.

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"Becoming Successful In This Crypto & Forex Industry Is Evident, Especially with these Companies!!" Imagine if you were just satisfied with just receiving .3% Day, that would be awesome. Some Spiritual Inspirations

Genesis Team 1 is a Christian Based Platform. Not only do we want to leave you with a Financial Awaking but we want to leave you with some Spiritual Inspiration as well.

The Number "5" Symbolizes God's Grace, Goodness and Favor towards YOU!!!

This Membership Opportunity is "REAL" & Will Change Your Life.

Take Control of your future for yourself and your family.

Your Future Is Bright, But It's Up To You. With these opportunity, it doesn't just stop at you. If you share this blessing with others, you are Rewarded. Imagine, you tell Tom who has $10,000 just sitting in his bank only earning him 3% year.

The Company gives you 20% of what Tom receives in Rewards without effecting Tom's Rewards!!! That's $2,000 coming to You and this Company does this Daily

"Imagine in the next 3.5 to 5 years all your financial worries are over. I was able to take my $2,000 I had in my savings account at Bank of America that was only paying me 2.6% year, deposit it into these platforms as a member and that very same $2,000 in 2025 will be $317,029.63. My children's college is paid for. Buy my wife a new car and the family a new home. God is Good"

Raymond Green

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